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Aircraft Simulation

Genesis has a teaming arrangement with Simulation Consultants, Inc. to provide product development and consulting services in the field of Aircraft Simulation. In addition Genesis has, over the years, acquired significant talent and expertise related to many aspects of simulation and training. Combined with our product development experience, and our tailored systems engineering processes, we can offer competitive products and engineering services at reduced cost and improved delivery.

Key Benefits


System Upgrades
Genesis can provide upgrades to flight simulator equipment consisting of Cockpit Procedures Trainers (CPTs), Ground Maintenance Simulators and Fixed Base Simulators.
Genesis also excels in developing stand-alone Desktop Trainers for various aircraft subsystems (Flight Mission Computers (FMCs), Avionics, Flight Directors and Autopilots. Desktop Trainers for Aircraft Subsystems (Electrical, Hydraulics, Pressurization, Power Plants, Fuel, Environmental Control Systems, Landing Gear, Flight Controls, etc.) allows familiarization training prior to transition to full flight simulators.
Genesis upgrades existing simulator platforms and provides software services to certify to Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) levels A, B, C and D. In addition, Genesis also provides similar services for certification to international aviation authorities.
The individual subsystem upgrades include:
  1. Analog and Digital Input/Output
  2. Avionics
  3. Communications
  4. Sound/Aural Warning Systems
  5. Control Loading
  6. Motion Bases
  7. Cockpit Controls
  8. Mechanical Cockpit Configurations
  9. Image Generation
Interactive Task Trainers
Genesis has the capability to produce or upgrade computer based training devices and aids.
  1. Instructor Operator Stations (IOS)
  2. Cockpit Procedures Trainers
  3. Workstation based audio/visual trainers
Static Task Trainers
Genesis has the capability to produce static training devices and aids.
  1. Customizable individual panel trainers (Avionics, Flight Engineer)
  2. Maintenance familiarization and training panels (Propulsion, Electrical, Fuel, Hydraulics, Pressurization, Mission Computers)
  3. Door Trainers
  4. Cabin Crew Procedure Trainers

Genesis services includes disassembly, packing and shipping of equipment from and to the client site.

Genesis' personnel experience includes work on this equipment:

Full Flight Trainer

Fixed Base Cockpit Procedures Trainer

3-DOF Motion Based Simulator


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