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About Genesis

Genesis Research & Development, Inc. was founded in 1992 as a small, leading edge technology design and development company. The founders recognized three crucial ingredients to the successful formation of Genesis:

  1. A unique ability to derive practical solutions to a wide range of technological problems
  2. An unparalleled match of skills, experience, education and temperament
  3. The entrepreneurial drive to succeed.

Genesis' professional staff consists of senior level engineers each with a minimum of 25 years experience in their respective fields. The advisory staff consists of senior advisors from the fields of business, economics, marketing and law. Genesis customers come from defense contractors, corporations, government agencies, universities and other organizations that require electronic or mechanical products to be designed or developed. Start-ups and IPOs are served by Genesis' ability to develop clients' products and produce functional or production prototypes. Genesis can provide additional capability to overloaded design and development departments, temporary technical capability and specific expertise when required.

Company Profile

Genesis devotes approximately 50% of its efforts to servicing client contracts for design, development and consulting. Genesis personnel have successfully performed throughout the complete project cycle from initial needs analysis to delivery of manufacturer's data packages, trade studies, product testing, expert witness services, and software product authoring.

The remaining 50% of our efforts are devoted to the development of our own branded products. These products are designed, developed, prototyped and extensively tested. Genesis' products are then licensed or sold to entrepreneurial manufacturing, marketing, sales and distribution companies.


Genesis personnel participate in a wide variety of community activities primarily in the education field.

Play Doe Toe Pad (Returning Soon)

Teaching the fundamentals of innovative thought, problem solving, and how those fit into product development, Genesis has hopefully passed on a little entrepreneurial spark.

Lawton Mud Walk (Returning Soon)

Student from Lawton Elementary look forward to the Mud Walk for years in advance. It's a chance to learn about the environment and the "carbon cycle" right in our own neighborhood, and get right down into it!

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