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Water Sentinel™

Water Sentinel™ is a family of water detection products ranging from simple detection and alert to sophisticated detection, adjudication, and reaction. The Water Sentinel™ product line is mature and available for license, manufacturing, and distribution. Contact Genesis for details.


BoatRemoteTM is a remote control system (and more!) for your boat lift. BoatRemoteTM allows you to remotely operate your hoist without leaving your boat. Has your boat drifted out of alignment with your hoist cradle by the time you get to your manual controls? BoatRemoteTM eliminates this hassle. Additionally, BoatRemoteTM allows you to control auxiliary equipment, such as a dock light, without having to hunt for the switch. The BoatRemote™ product is mature and available for license, manufacture, and distribution. Contact Genesis for details.

Automotive Data Recorder

As yet unnamed, Genesis has developed an advanced system for capturing critical automotive data and reporting that data. The Automotive Data Recorder is in the preliminary development stages with all critical engineering completed. The Automotive Data Recorder is available for limited participation by interested investors. Please contact Genesis for details.

Smart Vent™

The Smart Vent™ is a product that Genesis has developed for one of its clients to the functional prototype stage. Several variations and product enhancements have been developed by Genesis. The project is currently stalled due to exhausted client funds. This project is available for immediate investors funding. Please contact Genesis for details.

Maitre D'™

Maitre D'™ is one of the earliest Genesis products, having been developed utilizing PEN computing technology during the early 1990s. PEN technology suffered from a lack of computing power. However, direct manual input has re-surfaced as processors are now powerful enough to process the data required to translate touch-screen manual input into meaningful characters. There are a number of systems utilizing one or more aspects of the technology developed for this product, yet still none incorporate all the enhanced features of Maitre D'™. This product is developed to the functional prototype stage. Additional software development is required to complete the Maitre D'™ system. If you are interested in investing in this product line, please contact Genesis.

Solar Tracker™

Solar Tracker™ is a self-contained solar-powered water pump for extremely remote installation where facility power, maintenance, and even monitoring is all but impossible. The Solar Tracker™ is designed for installation in the remote areas of the Kalahari desert to pump water for wildlife conservation areas. The Solar Tracker™ positions the solar panel precisely perpendicular to the incoming sun's rays to maximize solar conversion efficiency. The The Solar Tracker™ is a mature client product available for immediate investor participation. Please contact Genesis for more details.


Kelvin™ is a client product developed to maximize energy savings in hospitality and industrial facilities. It consists of significant enhancements over current energy management system. Much of the detail is proprietary. If you are interested in Kelvin™ as an investment opportunity, please contact Genesis.



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