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Genesis provides contract engineering services for the development of commercial and industrial products.

Systems Engineering

Complete systems design & development from concept to production. Genesis follows SEI/CMM principles and practices as well as tailored processes adapted to provide the best and most cost effective aspects of the systems engineering field to product development. Click here for more information.

Electrical Engineering

Genesis' staff consists primarily of senior level electrical engineers (Masters and Ph.D.) with such diverse backgrounds as communications, semiconductor device theory, microwave and radio frequency design, electro-optics and lasers, high magnetic fields (>1T), computer networks, analog design, power products and power supplies (>1000A), digital signal processing (DSPs), microprocessors (from PICs to Pentiums), and other electrical and electronic design specialties. For details click here.

Mechanical Engineering

All aspects of mechanical design in support of product development, including bulk and sheet metal, materials engineering, optics, power transmission, plastics, polymers, adhesives, molding (injection, low pressure, vacuum), and packaging materials. Click here for more information.

Software Engineering

Almost every product requires, and can be enhanced by, the inclusion of programmable components. These components require software or firmware to operate. Genesis can design and develop firmware and software on a variety of development platforms and in many different languages. Of primary importance is C++, but Genesis software engineers have developed software in various assembly languages (PICs, 8051, ARM), Basic (all varieties), Fortran (Yes, some customers still need this.), ANSI C, C#, Java, HTML, ATLAS (If you know what this is, let us know - we know!). For details click here.

Product Development

A comprehensive combination of Genesis' capabilities targeted towards consumer products, computer networks, and communications. A detailed discussion can be found by clicking here.


Genesis provides consulting services targeted towards clients with an immediate need to supplement their manpower or expertise without the long-term commitment required with employees. To learn more click here.

Web Site Development

In conjunction with product development, start-ups benefit from the Web presence created to highlight and sell their products and provide investor relations. Genesis develops web sites for existing clients only. Some sample web sites and artwork can be found by clicking here.

Commercial Aircraft Simulation

A specialized core of knowledge and experience with commercial and military aircraft simulation allows Genesis to apply the unique talent required in this niche environment. Genesis can also supplement simulation with the ability to analyze, design, develop, implement, and evaluate training curricula and products to round out its simulation and training offerings. More information can be found by clicking here.

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