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Suppliers are important to Genesis. We rely on may suppliers to provide us with components, materials, services, and support for our product development efforts. Since much of the materials we purchase are incorporated into products for delivery to our clients, we are, therefore, very particular about the suppliers that we use.

Likewise, we are conscious of the needs of suppliers as well. Once a supplier is established and proven to work with Genesis to the mutual benefit of each other, and primarily to the client, we tend to protect that supplier. Cost is only one of many factors we use to grade our suppliers. A component that costs one cent less than an equivalent replacement represents a savings of $10,000.00 in a production run of 1 million units. However, if delivery is poor or quality is marginal, that savings means little to the clients production.

Genesis is a product design and development company. We have no requirements for large volumes of any one component. However, we specify components for consumer products with production runs into the millions, and military customers with stringent requirements. If you are a supplier wishing to provide Genesis with your product data, and perhaps samples for design and development, we are happy to work with you. Please email us with your product information.

Suppliers sometime run into clients who are seeking to use their parts in a design encompassing engineering that they may not have the capabilities or manpower to handle. In those cases we are happy to work with suppliers, utilize their selected components (as long as it meets the customer requirements), and specify the component in the final design. Additionally, Genesis pays a referral fee for any new business brought to us.

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