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Analog Design

An analog signal is one that changes or fluctuates in a continuous, either linearly or non-linearly fashion. Analog Design skills are rare among engineers. It is estimated that only 3% of electrical engineers are experienced analog designers.

Genesis engineers have many years of experience in analog circuit design. Some examples of analog circuit design include:

Digital Design

A digital signal is really an analog signal that spends it time mostly in one of two states. Genesis engineers are highly experienced in all aspects of digital design such as:


Genesis engineers have significant experience in analog (NTSC and PAL) as well as Digital (HDTV) video standards and the circuitry involved in broadcast, closed-circuit, and proprietary video systems. Specialized video systems include Forward-Looking Infra Red (FLIR) and the associated video circuitry, CCD line and array devices, and the associated signal processing.


Whether extending the operation of battery operated devices or power factor balancing 1200 amp services, Genesis engineers have the knowledge and experience to handle most any power design task. Our experience includes EMI/EMC filtering, harmonic distortion, surge and spike protection, DC-DC Converters, Inverters, switching power supplies, linear power supplies, battery power management and charging, and thermal dissipation management.


Microcontrollers to Pentiums


Radio Frequency




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