Systems Engineering


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Systems Engineering

Systems Engineering used to be a term applied to the branch of engineering now known as industrial engineering - meaning that "systems engineer" typically designed plants or factories, set up warehousing, or optimized distribution processes.

Today, Systems Engineering has a much more important function. The Systems Engineer must be an expert at one or more engineering disciplines and have the ability to understand and control the others. Genesis' Systems Engineers typically are experts in electrical engineering with mechanical, software, optics, thermodynamics, fluids, reliability, human factors, and logistics background. The Systems Engineer "orchestrates" all of the required disciplines to make the "whole" product a success.

Genesis' Systems Engineers are well versed in CMMI-SE/SW/IPPD/SS principles and practices (at all levels) and can tailor these principles and practices of design, development, cost, and schedule of a product to the maximum benefit to the client and all stakeholders.

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