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Genesis is always looking for the best engineering talent available.

You must be able to work smart, not hard. You must be willing to "do what it takes" to ensure the customer's products are superior to all competitor's products and have an extra advantage as well.

Finally, you must like what you do. If you're not self-fulfilling and take great pride in your achievements, then don't bother sending your resume.

Software Deployment Architect

Senior Level software engineer for application mapping. Must have C(all varieties), Perl, Java, Python, Load Runner, WinRunner, and QTP experience. Experience with Application Delivery and Management with Network and System Administration experience in Linux and Windows environments. Significant travel required - approximatley 80% of your time. Above average wages.

Systems Engineers

Senior Level systems engineers capable of managing small and medium sized projects. Must be able to conceive, plan, architect, and manage the project or program. Will be responsible for budget, schedule, and personnel. Must have a wide background in hardware, software, and systems, including lasers, radio-frequency, and networks. Full-time and contract positions will be considered.

Software Engineers

Senior Level software engineers capable of developing embedded and network served applications. Must be able to understand the hardware aspects of mobile, embedded, and web-based applications in order to take full advantage of the system capabilities. Full-time and contract positions will be considered.

Mechancial Engineers

Senior Level mechanical engineers capable of developing products utilizing plastics, plastics molding, sheet metal, disparate materials (structure and properties of materials), thermodynamics, fluid dynamics, and optics. Must be proficient with SolidWorks. Must have basic understanding of electronics, electrical systems, optics, and lasers and smoothly integrate these capabilities. Full-time and contract positions willbe considered.


If you have read to here, and you know you can pass our stringent entrance criteria, then send your resume.

Click here and attach your resume.

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