Water Sentinel™


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Water Sentinel™

Water Sentinel™ was designed and developed by Genesis in response to a real-world problem - a leaky faucet! From that seemingly minor problem, a whole range of useful water detecting products have been developed.

The basic version of Water Sentinel™ consists of extremely sensitive electronic circuitry designed to detect the slightest film of moisture; and it doesn't have to only be water. Once moisture is detected, the Water Sentinel™ sounds an audible alarm. Extremely cost effective, the basic Water Sentinel™, lasts many years in standby mode. Once activated, the Water Sentinel™ will sound its alarm for several days. However, its "annoying" tone will prompt you to take immediate action to stop and fix the leak. You don't leave your smoke detector on once activated - you won't leave Water Sentinel™ on either!

More advanced versions of Water Sentinel™ include the ability to automatically shut off the attached water source (wired version) or to selectively deactivate particular sources (wireless version).

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